Industrial Espionage

Information truly is power; it is the life blood of any organization and business. Loss of it can be catastrophic. Where should companies look for potential eavesdroppers? He, or she, can be categorized in a number of ways; they can be a member of some Hostile Intelligence Service (HIS), a friendly foreign government, an activist, dissident, competitor, reporter, vendor, union, company employee, member or official of your own organization or even a neighbour.

In brief, there is no standard description of an eavesdropper; he or she could be anyone. Tactical Advance have the capability to conduct full and professional technical sweeps and are able to offer advice about your location’s physical security.

The service consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: Client meet, where we discuss the client’s vulnerabilities.
  • Phase 2: Psychical examination and technical inspection of the site.
  • Phase 3: A post operational report, with all findings and recommendations given.

Finally, there are two important questions for you to consider:

  • How valuable is your information to your competitors?
  • How would the loss of this valued information affect your business?
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